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Can I Really Learn CPR or First Aid Online?

Is a high quality, affordable, hands-on learning experience from the comfort of your own home too much to ask for? Is it unreasonable to wish you could gain skills and training in a way that doesn’t over complicate your already busy schedule?

                It turns out these are totally reasonable requests. As our understanding of remote learning and the needs of those who use it grows, so does our ability to deliver truly impactful training from a distance. While not all online learning opportunities are created equal, there are plenty of examples out there of programs that manage to deliver on promises while remaining convenient and accessible to learners.

                My goal in creating Innovative Safety Solutions was to find ways to make training and learning better. Online learning, when done right, is a perfect embodiment of how these goals can be achieved. By using all available technology, and partnering with organizations that set the bar high, I can deliver the same level of student engagement in a virtual setting as we see in the classroom.

                All our virtual programs feature live learning sessions where you will meet remotely with an instructor to review skills, ask questions, and get the personal interactions that make classroom learning so great. I am careful not to overbook or oversell class sessions, so no one ever feels lost, and I can even offer one on one practice and coaching, which some say eases anxiety and helps to boost outcomes.

                Research performed by The Health and Safety Institute shows that when properly used, online or remote learning shows no difference in competencies among students who complete the course than those who use classroom learning. This is because all programs they offer include real practice on real equipment. How is this possible? When you sign up for one of our virtual classes, we will ship all necessary materials right to your door, including AED simulators and CPR Manikins! The bonus here is this equipment is yours to keep, and to keep practicing on!

                To get started with one of our virtual programs today, simply click over to our Virtual Classes page and sign up for the course you are interested in. We will then contact you within one business day to get you started and confirm everything you need. While you wait for your hands on materials to arrive, you’ll be able to take the online portion of any class. This way as soon as you are ready you can schedule your remote session with your instructor and get certified.  

Student Performs Online Learning Skills Session
HSI Remote Learning

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